May 22, 2015

Sjølingstad hat - from me to you!

Inspired by the Shetland Wool Week hats, I have made a hat pattern for a knitting event at Sjølingstad Uldvarefabrik (Mandal, Norway) in September.

Free beret pattern here, beanie pattern here.


April 26, 2015

Hat love at first sight

It's not that I needed a hat
nor am I going to Shetland Wool Week 2015.

But I just could not resist this hat, 
the oficial Shetland Wool Week hat 2015 

I started it on the train to Trondheim on Friday. 

Continued at breakfast on Saturday

Finished the knitting in the "Koftetog
- Colourwork cardigan parade on Saturday. 

February 14, 2015

New hat pattern - Tuintje

This cute little hat - beanie or beret depending on your taste - is a quick knit in worsted weight yarn (or fingering yarn held double as with the pickles merino tweed). It features a ribbed brim, a flower wreath and if you wish, a contrast coloured crown. 

The price is 25 NOK, just over 3 USD.
Today, and till noon tomorrow (Norwegian time)
you can get 50% off using the coupon code valentine. 
You find the pattern here.

February 3, 2015

"Eventyrlua" - Fairy Tale Hat in English

   The hat "Eventyrlua" has been available in Norwegian for a little while, you can see the Ravelry projects here.

The pattern was inspired by the Fairy Tale Flower mittens, "Eventyrblomster" from the mitten e-book, "Mittens from the Fairy Forest".

It was fun to figure out how to make the brim. 
Using slip stitches, you only work with one colour at a time. 
(Don't look too closely, though, I see a mistake in the colourwork.)

Here's the hat test knitted by Wenche. She chose not to swap main and contrasting colour in the different panels. She even has matching mittens!

Like it? You find it on Ravelry, or you can click the buy now button. 

January 19, 2015

Holiday shawl knitting #2

I was able to finish a 2nd shawl during the holidays. This is the pattern 
Roma shawl by Kirsten Kapur - finished at Christmas, as you can see.

I have made it once before. I love the contrast between the lace and the garter stitch stripes. 

I wrote in the last post that I don't knit shawls. Obviously, that is not entirely true, when I look at my Ravelry page, I find that I've actually make four of Kirsten Kapur's shawls before. Her patterns are very well written, and many (the ones I have chosen among others) do not have very complicated lace. 

January 7, 2015

Holiday shawl knitting

As you might have noticed, I don't knit many shawls. 
And I don't knit socks. But still I tend to buy sock yarn....

So, this Christmas holiday, since we've been travelling, 
I brought sock yarn, long circulars and three shawl patterns. 

I have been listening to her podcast for a while, 
almost since the beginning last year, I believe,
 but hadn't knit any of her patterns yet. 
It was about time. (Do check out her podcast, if you haven't already!)

The pattern was easy to follow, easy to memorize 
(I don't like complicatede lace) 
and I loved the percentage system, 
that told med how far I had come at every point 
(every 5%, to be exact).
Still, my visual brain would have liked a little chart too. 

When on holiday, you can block your shawl between two closet doors.

And you can knit everywhere!
Details on Ravelry. 

And I did finish in time for Christmas.

December 20, 2014

More mittens from the fairy forest

I suppose you remember Soria Moria, the mystery mittens?

We, the knitters in the Mitten Guild, test knitted mittens all the mittens, and here are the mittens I knitted, designed by some of the others

And here all the seven mittens from the e-book. 

A few days ago, we published the second e-book, "More mittens from the fairy forest", but as the first e-book, it is published first in Norwegian, and later in English. You can find all the patterns here.

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