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April 2, 2013

Best Easter ever

... say the Norwegian newspapers. Or was it best Easter in 30 years? Anyway, it's been a fantastic Easter in most of Norway. My good frient Elisabeth shared this photo on Instagram:

You'd think they were made to match, but they're not. The hat is Sheep Heid, by Kate Davies, that I made for her this Christmas. The mittens were a Christmas gift the year before that, "All I want for Christmas"

November 27, 2012

Shetland Diary - Thursday

On Thursday, we had three cars heading for Unst Heritag Centre, to see their collection of old lace items, and to see the norhern parts of Mainland Shetland, and the two northernmost islands, Yell and Unst. While waiting for everybody to arrive, we had al look at some of the fleece at Jamieson and Smith.

We arrived early for the ferry to Yell. Took some photos and luckily we had brought our knitting, it was quite windy, so we stayed in the car knitting.

Two of the cars just got on the next ferry, but not the last one.. So here is a photo from the ferry quay in Unst, where we waited for the last car. 

And so we arrived at Unst Heritage Centre. Here is a photo of the traditional cockleshell lace pattern, in a scarf. Here are some more photos of cockleshell lace.

I now realize, I did not take many photos. You can see more photos on  FrisianFrillies' blog, and on MoniqueB's blog. Monique is an amazing lace knitter!

On the way back, we stopped to see this copy of a viking ship, and a viking house. Unst has "the highest density of rural Viking sites anywhere, including Scandinavia" according to Shetland Amenity Trust.

We also stopped at Bayanne House in Sellafirth, a small gallery with textile art, kntting, embroidery, all with motifs from Shetland, and frames made from material found at the beach. The top one is my favourite.

We had a lot of fun at the Littlehamar bus stop, obviously decorated for the London Olympics 2012!

With two ferries on the way back too, obviously, I was quite tired when we got back to Lerwick. My friend was waiting for me in town, she had joined a knitting class that day. The beer and the sheep we had for dinner, tasted deliciously. 

So that was the end of our Shetland adventure, for this time. We both want to go back another time. Maybe visit in summer to see more of the islands and the birds. And definitely another wool week some time.

Thanks for following my trip and for the comments you've made. Hope you have enjoyed it. I definitely have!

November 16, 2012

Shetland Diary - Wednesday

Thanks to all of you who have read and commented on my Shetland posts, I'm glad you enjoy reading about my trip. 

On Wednesday we had a lace class with Gudrun Johnston that started at 10 o'clock. So we decided to go for a walk after breakfast, to have look at Lerwick, and get some photosLerwick is the capital of the Shetland Islands, and has appr 7500 inhabitants, according to Wikipedia. The name comes from the Norwegian "Leirvik", meaning bay of clay.

I did not know there were some many old stone buildings in Lerwick (to be honest, I knew very little about the town before arriving.) It was fun to see all the Norwegian street names in the town. Read more abou Scandinavian heritage here.

The obviously had to defend themselves. 

Lerwick Harbour

Nice decoration on the rooftop. Shetland lace?

A pretty garden in the middle of town.

The Shetland lace class took place at Jamieson & Smith. We were appr. 15 persons, and the teacher Gudrun Johnston. We started out by making a small garter stitch triangle, with yarn overs at the beginning of each row, to create stitches to be picked up later. And then started the lace part. What is special about Shetland lace knitting, is that there usually is pattern on every row. With other types of lace, you often have knit or purl every other row, where you can relax. Not so with Shetland lace. There are knit togethers and yarn overs on every row, which also makes it hard to figure out where you are if you make a mistake. And with the small sample we were making, before you began to remember the pattern, you had finished the row, and there was a different one to be started. 

We try to smile bravely in spite of the exhausting brain work.

During the lunch break, we headed for the museum shop.

There was such a beautiful light that day. 
This was just outside the museum.

A decorative weaving looking stitch pattern we saw at J&S


BASED IN LERWICK 1942 - 1945
You can read more about this here, and here, and in Nowegian here.

November 6, 2012

Shetland Diary - Tuesday

On Tuesday we hired a car and went for a ride. As mentioned, lots of events were not situated in Lerwick, as we originally thought (too lttle reasearch befor leaving..) Anyway, we had a car, and I was in the passernger seat knitting, and watching out in case the driver forgot what side of the road to drive. But as someone pointed out, many roads are so narrow, it doesn't really matter...

We saw many sheep. These sheep with their black heads, is my idea of a British sheep. Most Norwegian sheep have the same colour all over. (I'm not a sheep expert, as you might have guessed already..)

While driving, we wondered about the warnings about plants crossing the road ("Heavy plant crossing"), imagining scary, carnicorous plants crossing the road. (We later asked someone who could explain the disambiguation - plants being agricultural machinery that has to cross the road from time to time).

I love the colours and the patterns on this sweater, but the place we saw it is not worth mentioning here.

In Virkie we visited Shetland Colletcion Open Studio. There was fair isle and lace, I wrote about it here, too.

There were several drawers full of fair isle swatches!

We had a demonstration on how to knit with a belt, but she was not able to convert us to this way of knitting in the round with three long double pointed needles. But it was interesting to see.

We also made a small stop at Nielanell Gallery. On the way back north we stopped at the beach by St. Ninians Isle

We tried to get a photo of my, my sheep heid and some sheep, but some of the models were not very cooperative.

We stopped for lunch in Scalloway. We just took this quick photo of the castle, it was starting to rain a little, and we were hungry. Next time I'd like to see more of Scalloway. The lunch was delicious, and the hotel owner (?) was vere enthusiasthic (not about us staying at the Shetland hotel in Lerwick, but about us visiting Shetland in general, and the Scalloway hotel specifically). He showed us the dining hall and some of the rooms, where all the curtains and the chairs are made from Shetland Wool Fabric.

Next stop was Weisdale, the Bonhoga Gallery at the old Weisdale mill. There was a nice little gift shop, an exhibition we really enjoyed, Text Isles – Swap Box at Bonhoga Gallery, and a cafe in the basement, with a view to the small river (we wondered how this river could have run a mill, but we're obviously no mill experts). The event calendar had called this a place to "Knit and Relax", which we of course did, having coffee and cake. 

We could not relax too long, though, since we wanted to get back to the Ravelry meet up at Jamieson & Smith at 6 o'clock. You can see photos at the J&S blog, I just noticed there is a photo of me and my friend there, talking to a fellow raveler, Amanda.

It was a nice evening. Cathy informed us about her StitchMastery chart editing software. I volunteered to be a betatester for her new colourwork version. Which reminds me, I had promised to send her an e-mail. So that was Tuesday, four weeks ago, during the Wool Week in Shetland.

ETA - here's another post from Tuesday, by frisianfrillies, with photos from the meet up, you can see both me, my friend, Cathy and Liz.

October 23, 2012

Shetland Diary - Sunday

I've been teasing you with photos from Shetland, but some of you are curious, and want to hear more about the trip. So I'll try to satisfy you curiosity. It's been a busy week since I came back, but today I have a little time, and will start on Sunday, when we left from Oslo Airport Gardermoen at nine o'clock for Edinburgh (so you can imagine we had an early start that day!)

We had to wait some hours at the airport in Edinburgh, but we found a cafe (the only cafe in the arriving part of the airport, I believe), with a nice sofa and good coffee. And we had our knitting, so a couple of hours wait, didn't bother us. I was working on this mitten, btw.

Our flight to Sumburgh airport was early in the afternoon. I was a little starstruck when I saw Kate Davies in the check in line just behind me... And the plane was the smallest one I ever flew with, but all went fine, and after arriving, we even got to say hello to Kate. We also met Cathy at the airport, who offered us a lift into Lerwick, but we deicided to hire a car for a couple of days. We had realised when looking closer at the program, that many of the events did not take place in the capital, and without a car it would be difficult to attend. A map in the program would have been nice for those of us who doesn't know Shetland.

We stayed at Shetland Hotel. Not exactly a charming place, but the room was quite big, the food was ok, there was a sofa in the bar, where we could have beer and knit (well, on Sunday we hadn't figured that out yet, I'm anticipating). And it was really close to Jamieson & Smith, which probably was the best thing about it.

We were terribly hungry, and walked into town for dinner at Queens Hotel. We had a delicious lamb shank, and we were full and tired when we came back to our hotel, And really looking farwards to the rest of the week. Lerwick looked like a nice town, with many small galleries, shops, and nice architecture.

May 10, 2012


I've been meaning to tell you about our trip to Stockholm. But it is taking time, with four football playing boys, May is probably the most busy month of the year. Not good for blogging, nor knitting. 

But Stockholm was great! Weather was nice and sunny, leaves were green, flowers pink. 

We walked a lot, in "City", "Gamla Stan" (Old Town) and Sødermalm. There were lots of tourists. Which is no surprise, because Stockholm is a beautiful city. And although I love Oslo, I must admit, Stockholm is something else.

Before leaving, Johanne ("Born to knit") sent me several ideas on where to go for crafters. Here's one yarn shop in Gamla Stan. The shawl is just beautiful! But I am not patient enough...  

Also in Gamla Stan we came a cross a fun and colourful yarn shop: HappyColor. I just had to make some photos, only to see afterwards that photographing is forbidden. A bit weird, I think. But I won't break the rule, so no photos from me. But someone else has taken photos, allowed or not. Have a look here.

Of course there were coffee breaks!
The last day, we went bananas in this ribbon and button store!
Mattsons Band, thanks Johanne,  we would not have found it if it weren't for you.

Paradise for buttons lovers!

Buttons and ribbons, for a coat - when I find the time....

Looking for the king!

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